Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Denise Richards-"The Real Girl Next Door" - Review

The Real Girl Next Door

What a great book - I finished it in less than four days. I probably would have finished it in less than one day given the opportunity. With kids and a life of my own, four days means this was a pretty darn good book.
 I have to say the book brought me laughs and a few tears too. Denise talks openly about her relationships, career, motherhood, family and the ultimate loss of her mother to cancer. I have to say some of my favorite pages in the book where the ones that included all the wonderful words of wisdom from Denise's mother Joni. Like her telling Denise to have try and have fun in everything you do, which is something I think we tend to forget daily. Life is too short not to have a little fun as much a possible. As a mother myself I can really appreciate Denise's take on motherhood and wanting to always protect your children.
So, whether your a fan of Denise Richards or not this is a wonderful book for anyone, mother, daughter, anyone whose has ever lost someone, broken up with someone, or gone through any major life changes. Denise offers a little light into your day with The Real Girl Next Door.

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