Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Charm and Beauty Jewelry Display - featuring Paparazzi Jewelry

Charm and Beauty Jewelry Display

A few weeks ago I told you I decided to start a company "Charm and Beauty Jewelry". I am still really excited about that new journey. I did a lot of research on how I was going to display my jewelry and accessories at shows and events. I found tons of great pictures and a few tutorials of some traveling jewelry displays. So I decided to create my own (with the help of my brother of course).
Total cost of materials including paint was only around $20.00 most all items were purchased at my local Home Depot.

Started off with two frames (24x30 approx)

Add a little black spray paint

Nailed and glued pegboard to fit on the back

piano hinge perfect fit!
Front lock

Painted the pegboard and an Oatmeal canister


This was a lot of work but definitely worth it I think. 

Notice the Oatmeal Canister?? :)

To book your party, find out more about Charm and Beauty Jewelry or to even start your own business contact me @ angelajohnston78@gmail.com, check us out on fb and go to www.charmandbeautyjewelry.com.


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  2. Where did you get the frames??