Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How do you make Valentine's Day special for your kids?

Do you want to make Valentines Day really special for your child this year? Tiny Prints are offering some of the cutest classroom cards for your kids this year.

There are so many options to chose from for boys and girls....

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids You're a Kick - Front : Leaf
For the Boys


Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Happy Heart Day - Front : Bright Red
For the girls

  You can pick your favorite and personalize it at Tiny Prints. Check out their twitter, facebook and now on Pinterest for your own design. I cant think of a better way to help your kids say "Be Mine" or "Your Berry Nice" to their friends.
Kids will be so happy to give and receive these unique tokens of friendship to their Valentines this year.

One of my favorites ( I had to share)... How could you not love this one??

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Hogs and Kisses - Front : Taffy

Friday, January 6, 2012

Gettin Ready For Round Two - Kettlebell Challenge

Begining January 16, 2012 I will start my second round of Life in the Dub Lane Kettlebell Challenge. Whoo- Whoot!!

I am looking forward to this challenge for many reasons. One - to get back in shape and two - for the accountability.
I was very surprised and humbled to learn back on November that I was one of two winners of the first challenge. After being chosen by Brooke Benten and reading these fabulous words from her:

Kettlebell Fitness Challenge November 3, 2011

"Angela, not only have you lost pounds and inches, but your % body fat has visibly shrunk. Your toned physique is drastically different than your body was 8-weeks ago. It is evident from your changes that you have eaten clean & small portions, and stuck to the Kettlebody exercise program without wavering. That is what Kettlebody by Brook is intended to be all about: eating right, exercising hard, and creating a total body metamorphosis in 8-weeks. Please join me in congratulating Angela, my winner". – Brooke Benten

I was so grateful and shocked. I could not believe she picked me. It was such a motivating and inspiring moment for me.

I was hooked or so I thought.... It seemed after all my hard work and winning I just "almost" completely gave up. I can blame the holidays, etc. but in the past eight weeks since the challenge I did not keep up my routine of working out and eating healthy. I quit using My Fitness Pal totally and only workout out 1-2 times a week.
So with that said I have started (as of last week) working out 4-5 times a week and eating much healthier along with using my fitness pal.
The new fitness challenge starts on January 16 and I am ready. I am so excited to be able to start this challenge again and just like before I have no intentions of winning- I just want the accountability and support from all the girls in the challenge.
If your interested in joining check out my friend Erin over at Life in the Dub Lane for more details.
 View Trailer
Stay tuned for more pictures and Results!!
Happy New Year.