Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring Smoothie

In honor of the first day of Spring 2012 I bring you:

Strawberry Mango Citrus Spring Smoothie

1 Cup Milk
1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
1/2 Mango
1/2 cup strawberries
1 handful of spinach
1 handful ice cubes
1 packet of Crystal Light Citrus Energy Mix

Blend well and enjoy the spring time, sunshine and if you in Georgia - the pollen!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tone it Up Girls!!

I always follow the Tone it Up Girls for their fitness and nutrition advice, so I was excited to see them in the latest copy of Self Magazine (the one with Carrie Underwood on the front). Katrina and Karena are the trainers for Self's Drop 10 Challenge. I signed up not really to drop 10 pounds but to tone up, great workout videos, nutrition advice and some fabulous prizes too.

If you would like to sign up (it's Free!!) go the the Tone it Up Girls site or to Self Magazine.

I thought I'd attach a video of the workout I did today:
Click here for video: Tone It UP


Now go break a sweat!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review of Food Network 1000 Easy Recipes - Guest Blogger Melissa King

I usually try to post only healthy recipes but sometimes you need to add a little comfort food to your diet. So I asked my good friend, food network magazine fan and amazing chef Melissa King to do a guest blog and review for me. I think you will enjoy, here goes....

As a HUGE Fan of Food Network and the Food Network Magazine, of course I was completely ecstatic to check out the cookbook “Food Network Magazine 1000 Easy Recipes, Super Fun Food for Every Day”. So I started my journey through pages and pages of glorious recipes, all super easy and “every day” (unlike others I have pursued). It took me a while to decide on a recipe, turning page by page, reading intently. Then I stopped. I saw it. My favorite foods mixed together in a simple, yet flavorful recipe. YES! Eureka!! BLT PASTA!! (insert angels singing) You read that right, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato all wrapped lovingly around the most comforting food around....PASTA!! I was stoked. I gathered my ingredients, most of which I had on hand. Then I set out to get ‘er done. The main ingredients are bacon, grape tomatoes, arugula (nice twist FN!) and penne pasta. Not so tough. I whipped out my cooking gear and proceeded. Bacon-check. Pasta, perfectly al dente-check. Red onions, garlic, red pepper flakes-check, check, and check. Mmmmm.....heavy cream-check. Now for the magic, toss it all together with grape tomatoes, arugula and basil. I could not help myself, all through out making this meal, to taste each layer. And after each step the flavors married together making the dish better and better. Now for the finale’ and the Parmesan cheese. Oh how I love you Parmesan cheese. This recipe far exceeded my anticipation of wonderfulness. I knew it would be good, no doubt. It had to be with bacon and pasta!! How could you go wrong?!? But once every ingredient was joined in matrimony, and yoked to the next blissful flavor, Umami was met. My family ate every tiny morsel in their bowl and asked for more. MORE!! Of course, there was enough to go around a second time and we all sang little songs of joy while shoveling bite after bite into our mouths, taste buds jumping. If you have the opportunity; run, don’t walk; to your local bookstore (or computer if you can wait) and snatch this gem up! You won’t be disappointed. I am sure not and that was after only one recipe. As all the GREATS would say “Good Eats, Love and Best Dishes and YUM O”. You will be pleasantly surprised at the masterpieces on every page!

BLT Pasta

Cook 8 ( I doubled this) slices bacon; drain and chop. Cook 1 chopped red onion, 3 sliced garlic cloves, some red pepper flakes and salt in 3 tablespoons drippings. Add 5 cups grape tomatoes; cook 12 minutes. Add 1/3 cup cream; cook 2 minutes. Toss with 12 ounces cooked penne, 4 cups arugula, bacon, basil and some pasta-cooking water. Top with Parmesan.

To purchase you copy (now available in paperback) of Food Network Magazine 1000 Easy Recipes click here or here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Not About the Pom-Poms- Review

Laura Vikmanis

    It's Not About the Pom-Poms is definitely not about the pom-poms. It's a very inspiring and motivating story of making your dreams come, gaining self-confidence, not giving up and courage.

Laura Vikmanis is a courageous 40 year old mother of two who took chances, determined not to give up on her dreams and she won. Through out many obstacles (most of which I would have given up) Laura stayed determined and overcame every setback.  Laura challenges included a horrific automobile accident, an abusive (both mentally and physically) husband, not making the squad on the first try, and grueling divorce and child custody battles just to name a few.

It's Not About the Pom-Poms gives an inside look into the world of a not so ordinary NFL cheerleader. While most of the cheerleaders were at least 20 years younger than Laura that didn't stop her from living her dream and being an inspiration and role model for all of us. Whether you want to be an NFL cheerleader, writer, lawyer - whatever your dream, whatever your age go for it. It's never too late to do it, be happy and love your life.

I have a feeling "It's Not About the Pom-Poms" will not be the last we hear from Ms. Laura Vikmanis.

To purchase your copy of "It's Not About the Pom-Poms" go to Amazon.com or Random House.

Check out Laura on Twitter, Facebook and her website Cheerleader Laura.

It's Not About the Pom-Poms: How a 40-Year-Old Mom Became the NFL's Oldest Cheerleader--and Found Hope, Joy, and Inspiration Along the Way